Appendix 5


ODA Checklist for the Participation of Women in

Development Projects





Questions for Reporting to the DAC

Y        N


1.   Are women the primary and main target group (agents and beneficiaries) of the project?




2.   If not, are women identified explicitly as part of the target group (agents and/or beneficiaries) of the main components of the project?




If yes to either of the above, the following questions should be answered:




3.   Have women whose lives will be affected by the project been consulted during project design and does the project document explain how this was done?




4.   Does the project document make it clear how women will be involved as active participants in project implementation, not just as beneficiaries or as a source of manual labour?




5.   Are barriers to female participation in the project identified in the document and have measures been designed in order to overcome these barriers?




6.   Does the project provide for expertise in the gender aspects of development to be utilized throughout the project cycle and does the document make it clear how the expertise will be used to address gender issues?





WID specific: Yes to question 1, plus yes to questions 3-6

WID integrated: Yes to question 2, plus yes to questions 3-6

WID relevant: Yes to question 2, and yes to at least one of questions 3-6

WID not relevant: No to all questions


This should form the basis of your reply at line 18 of the computer-generated commitment notification form (or line 19 of the old notification of grant of loan commitment form).


See OP III A/8 (Annex 1)