I should like to acknowledge the assistance of people in producing this thesis. The following people were kind enough to find the time to grant me interviews:

     Professor Lord Bauer, formerly of the London School of Economics

     Andrew Bennett, Chief Natural Resources Adviser, ODA

     Rosalind Eyben, Senior Social Development Adviser, ODA

     The late Judith Hart MP, former Minister of Overseas Development

     Adrian Hewitt, ODI

     Patricia Holden, Social Development Adviser, ODA

     Mary Hubley (ODI), Consultant to ODA forestry projects in Nepal

     Barrie Ireton, Principal Finance Officer and Head of Aid Policy, ODA

     Jim Lestor MP

     Joan Lestor MP, former Labour Spokesperson on Overseas Development

     Maria Louise of the National Alliance of Women's Organisations (NAWO)

     Professor Paul Mosley, IDPM, University of Manchester

     Steve Percy, freelance writer on British aid projects in India

     Timothy Raison MP, former Minister of Overseas Development

     Mark Robinson, ODI Research Fellow and author of a work on British aid projects in Bangladesh;

     Gillian Shepherd (ODI), consultant to ODA forestry projects in India.


I would also like to give my thanks to: Ann Clwyd MP, Labour Spokesperson on Overseas Development (and her researcher, Caroline Ashley) and Jim Lestor MP, for putting Parliamentary Written Questions to the House of Commons on my behalf; to the staff of the ODA Statistics Department at East Kilbride for courteously and patiently dealing with my numerous requests for information; to the staff of the House of Commons Public Information Office for supplying me with computer printouts of Commons debates and publications; to staff of IDPM Library, University of Manchester, for their help in providing computer printouts of materials related to my subject; to Oxfam for allowing me to reproduce two charts from John Clark's book, For Richer, For Poorer; to Adam Raphael, editor of The Observer, and also the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, for supplying me with photocopies of articles on links between aid and arms; to Jessica Woodroffe (Christian Aid) for permission to use tables from her booklet, British Overseas Aid 1975-90 (1992); to ODA Statistics Department for permission to use statistics from British Aid Statistics; to Sage Publications for permission to reproduce Tables 1 to 10 from the article, "The Aid and Trade Provision: Origin, Dimensions and Possible Reforms", in Development Policy Review, Vol 4, pp 291-313; to the Overseas Development Institute for permission to reproduce a table from UK Aid to African Agriculture (APGOOD Report). My thanks also to Oxford University Press for permission to reproduce table 3.14 from Human Development Report 1992.

I would like to acknowledge the extensive use in this thesis of statistical information taken either from the ODA's British Aid Statistics or from the ODA Statistics Department, which was subsequently presented in tabulated form in other writers' publications. Such tables are taken from:

     Clark, G and Toye, J. "The Aid and Trade Provision: Origins and Dimensions and Possible Reforms". Development Policy Review, Vol 4, 1986, pp291-313.

     Woodroffe, J. British Overseas 1975-90. Christian Aid, 1992.

     All-Party Parliamentary Group on Overseas Development (APGOOD). Report on UK Aid to African Agriculture.

In the case of the latter two publications, figures have been converted into constant prices and new tables created from them in some cases. The authors of these publications, obviously, are not responsible for any possible errors during this conversion of prices.

I would also like to thank my supervisor, Dr Walter Little of the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Liverpool; Peter Solenberger and Anne Webley for their technical expertise in producing the final draft; and Sue Erswell for her critical comments on the draft and general support throughout the period of research. Needless to say, none of these people are responsible for any errors which might exist in the text or tables.