UK Aid Policy
and Practice



Preface p1

List of Abbreviations p3

Chapter 1: Introduction: Objectives, Methodology and Literature p4

Chapter 2: Theoretical Frameworks p12

Chapter 3: British Aid Policy Under the 1974-79 Labour Government p35

Chapter 4: The Overseas Aid Policy of the Conservative Government (1979-90) p58

Chapter 5: A Quantitative Comparison of Labour and Conservative Aid Programmes (1974-90) p89

Additional Graphs Relating to Chapter 5

Chapter 6: British Aid and the Environment p138

Chapter 7: British Aid and Gender p166

Chapter 8: Conclusion and Alternative Proposals for UK Aid 188

Bibliography on Aid p212

Appendix 1 p234 (currently unavailable).

Appendix 2 p269

Appendix 3 p277

Appendix 4 p283

Appendix 5 p285

Appendix 6 p286

Appendix 7 p287

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